ONE STOP means just that. Your employment and training needs and related services are universally accessible when you walk through our doors in the One-Stop. The convenient accessibility of employment, training and information services, available to you in one location. Our One-Stop Career Center offers a wide range of services including:


Our assessment is computer based in an aptitude/interest format designed to match your specific likes and abilities to a suitable career choice. If you choose a career which takes your aptitudes and abilities to a suitable career choice so you will be able to perform your work efficiently and effectively, and you will have a career that is personally rewarding.

Career Counseling

Our professionally certified career counselors will discuss with you all aspects of a potential career choice and offer their advice and expertise for you to make the best decision possible. Our counselors can also help match you to a job on the internet through the WNJPIN web site.

Employability Planning

We will develop a written employability plan that is tailored to your background and individual needs while exploring your occupational goals and the manpower and supportive services that you may need.

Job Skills Workshops

Workshops are conducted to assist you with everything from filling out an application to getting and keeping a job. Among those offered is Career Beacon, a series of reemployment workshops designed to increase job knowledge, skills, abilities and learning the tools to become self-sufficient in today’s labor market. Self-Management Skills; Labor Market Information Research; Effective Job Search; Marketing/Resumes; Interviewing and Training are the workshop modules offered.

Hudson County Workforce Learning Link

Located also on our premises is our brand new state-of-the-art literacy lab designed specifically for instruction of Phonics, English-as-a-Second Language (ESL), and basic computer literacy. Our learning center is open to the general public, and enrollment is required.

Resume, Cover Letter & Interview Assistance

Job Placement Services

You may need help finding a job and our One-Stop Partners will assist you with job placement.

Job Referrals

Our One-Stop Partners can also refer you to various employers who have positions available that may be of interest to you.

Referral to Training and Education Programs

If, after completing our pre-requisite services, and if you have not at that point secured employment, you may be referred for occupational training.

Distance/Technology Based Learning

The Hudson County One-Stop offers to those who qualify, a new and innovative service called E-Learning. Clients can now receive a license to access a web site and complete training programs via the internet. The program is flexible, self-paced, self-directed, comprehensive, has on-demand availability, and accommodates different learning styles. There is a 24/7 unlimited access to a variety of over 5,000 instructional events. Also, more that 250 courses are offered in Spanish. Skills assessment and objective skills tests are provided to develop individual learning plans.Access to Internet-based services

Metrix Online Learning

The Workforce New Jersey Public Information is a user-friendly and highly sophisticated online career and labor market information system that is available through our station of computer terminals, here at our ONE-STOP. A host of job related information is available at this site and self-access is available or you may ask for assistance. Build your resume on a site that will help guide you to some of New Jersey’s best online tools for finding work.

Multimedia Resource Center

A unique media center providing you with the latest in career oriented materials to assist you with your career and special interests and needs. Computer terminals, a telephone bank, a video library, and much more are available for public use. Explore a wide variety of career possibilities in a relaxed setting. You are welcome to browse our library of publications which include labor market information, employment and training materials and a wide variety of career planning information and resources in specific areas of interest, available for your perusal.

Work First New Jersey

We are co-located with our Work First New Jersey partner who provides Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and General Assistance (GA), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (S.N.A.P.) services such as training programs, food stamps, day care, etc. Social Services, emergency rental assistance, Homeless Prevention/Shelter Assistance, Re-Entry/Reintegration, Department of Health and Human Services Satellite Office.

Department of Family Service