Training Services

Improve Skills and Abilities through Training for Demand Occupations

Amelia Banchs
201-369-5205 Ext 3743

Career Services and Labor Market Information

Individual Employment Plan,
Job Search, Resume, Interviewing,
Networking, and LMI Assistance

Leidy Ramirez
201-369-5205 Ext 3742

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Assistance for Clients with Physical or Cognitive Barriers to Employment

Anna Cortes
201-369-5205 Ext  3722

Business Services

Provide Assistance to Employers for all their hiring needs

John Toscano
201-369-5205 Ext 3756

Learning Link

Improve Basic Skills, ESL, and Literacy Levels

Daniel Saunders
201-369-5205 Ext 3761

Youth One-Stop

Empower Out-of-School Youth (Ages 16-24)through Assessment, Training and Supportive Services

Robert Scollan
201-369-5205 Ext 3744


Reemployment Services Eligibility and Assessment

Viviana Mastrobuoni
201-369-5205 Ext 3752


Resume assistance

Melissa Molinero
201-369-5205 Ext 3747

Placement Coordinator

Hudson County Schools of Technology Placement Coordinator

Deanine Muniz
201-369-5205 Ext 3741