High School Structured Learning Experiences (SLEs)

High School Structured Learning Experiences (SLEs) such as apprenticeships and internship programs combine work-based, on-the-job learning with relevant technical education in the classroom. Students who participate in these programs graduate with a high school diploma and learn industry credentials.

High school is a critical time for developing career interests, and communities across the country are launching programs allowing high school students to pursue career-oriented coursework coupled with work-based learning opportunities. These programs provide students with access to high quality, industry-focused training that combines classroom and on-the-job learning, and affordable pathways to college and careers in high-demand industries.

These programs also provide businesses with solutions to their workforce needs. By training and mentoring young apprentices, businesses develop employees who are trained to their precise specifications. By providing a fresh source of talent developed from within their community, local industry has the opportunity to develop employability skills with a future workforce.