Hudson County Vocational at Bayonne High School

Bayonne Staff

Will Mattei | Vice Principal
Tom Jacobson | BHS Director
Brianne Micele | School Social Worker
William Lawson | Construction Trades
John McGuckin | Carpentry
Rose “Chickie” Panaccione | Cosmetology
William Smith | Construction Trades/Lead Teacher
James Topolewsk | Automotive


669 Avenue A
Bayonne, NJ 07002




Carpentry Class Wood Maze

Power Saw Safety

Power Saw Safety Students enrolled in Mr. McGuckin and Mr. Cea’s Carpentry class learned skills to safely operate compound miter saw and band saw. The following project consisted of cuts at 22 ½ ,45 and 90-degree angles. The students then fit them together to make a maze which represents angels they would come across when... Continue reading