High Tech Theatre Performs Cabaret (Original 1966)

High Tech Theatre Performs Cabaret (Original 1966)

The Theatre Arts vacation has given a new performance opportunity to High Tech Drama Majors students, who are learning both performance and rehearsal practices and are encountering firsthand all aspects of professional theater. The show had complete live accompaniment by renowned pianist Craig Ketter, senior drummer Josiah Szczepanski, and award-winning saxophonist Isaac Ketter under the...

CTE Month is here

HCST Celebrates February as National CTE Month

As Hudson County's VOCATIONAL Career and Technical Education (CTE) District, we celebrate February as National CTE Month. We believe... In strong community and familial bonds; In supporting students of all ages to a college or career path; In an academic pathway that supports student achievement in technical and high-level academic skills, equipping them to be...


High Tech’s IRB Panel

  In AP Research class, High Tech students are currently working on coming up with an interesting, fun, and valid research topic that they can experiment with throughout the course of the year. Students explore different areas of interest, read about significant topics today, and utilize other resources to gather information to create an abstract...

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