These Walls

after Kendrick Lamar

By Sade Ford


Can't stand jersey city on some days

Feeling like just another caterpillar left in the dark

These walls haven't been moving for years but every year

they, grow, smaller

They grow closer


And I feel like, the longer



The harder it is to leave them

These walls have been here for


Long time

They are worn


Missing some pieces

No windows

Getting smaller


Why can't I leave

It feels like my feet

Are engraved into the concrete

Love this place

Hate this place


Can't stand jersey city on somedays

Feeling like just another caterpillar a lot less like a butterfly


These walls aren't moving

They've surrounded me with their integrity for many years now and I can't help but comparing these walls to a cocoon


These walls are

these walls seem to shroud me in darkness and shed light To how small our world is

These walls hold in a city where thoughts travel through streetlights

Where the people's prayers are whispered to white t shirts and candles

These walls have forgotten to teach boys how to be men

these walls don't leave your children behind


These walls make college seem like another country

That the color of my skin is a tribute to my smartness