Welcome to the office of the Hudson County Superintendent of Schools


We are the Hudson County office of the New Jersey Department of Education. As such, we represent the New Jersey Commissioner of Education. We also provide leadership in the following areas:

  • Visitation and inspection of schools
  • Health, safety and security
  • Schools budget review and approval
  • Contract review for all superintendents, assistant superintendents and school business administrators
  • Efficiency initiatives to reduce overhead costs while maintaining high-quality education, including
    • Regionalization and Consolidation
    • Pupil Transportation Jointures
    • Cooperative Purchasing
  • Credentials and licensure oversight
  • Board of Trustees membership of Hudson County Community College
  • Assistance in Problem-Solving
  • Advice and Counsel to Boards of Education and Charter School Boards

We are located at 595 County Avenue, Secaucus NJ 07094

Write to us at 595 Newark Avenue Jersey City NJ  07306

Call us at: 201.369.5290

We look forward to working with you in cooperation on behalf of our school children.


201-369-5290 (Phone)
201-369-5288 (Fax)




The office of the Hudson County Superintendent of Schools is responsible for ensuring that New Jersey Statutes Title 18A, Education and New Jersey Administrative Code governs the processes used by local school districts in policy and program development and their implementation. The county superintendent and staff serve as the liaison and the chief communicators between the Commissioner of Education and the local school districts. The County Office provides assistance and services to 13 public school districts, including five Abbott districts, plus 11 approved charter schools representing over 7400 teachers and approximately 90,000 students. County staff is also responsible for the coordination of transportation services, the review and approval of educational facilities and the review and approval of local district budgets totaling well in excess of $1 billion.


The submission of all major documents, reports, and funding applications by school districts/charters occurs through the county office. The county office provides technical assistance to districts on a daily basis to ensure compliance with law and code and to assist them in completing all necessary tasks. Upon receipt of information from districts/charters, staff conducts reviews, calls for revisions, and grants approval as may be required. Further, on-site visits are conducted by county staff as mandated by NJ Administrative Code or funding application administrative guidelines. The county office is charged with the responsibility of issuing substitute teacher credentials, criminal history applications and the receipt and assisting certification applicants for all teaching and administrative staff working in Hudson County school districts as well as for applicants applying as individuals or through the various colleges in the county. The county office is also responsible for implementing the state’s new monitoring process and reporting all monitoring activities, actions and findings to the Commissioner of Education. Given these responsibilities, the County Office is critical in ensuring operational effectiveness as well as the flow of information between Hudson County school districts and charter schools and the NJ Department of Education.

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