Course NameGrade LevelCreditsTotal Minutes
of Instruction
Algebra I9, 10, 11, 125.03600
Algebra II9, 10, 11, 125.03600
Geometry9, 10, 11, 125.03600
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Algebra I

Students learn about algebraic concepts such as integers, linear equations, linear inequalities, and factoring. Students continue their progression through algebraic concepts, expanding their knowledge of functions and relations, solving systems of equations and inequalities, simplifying rational and radical expressions, and solving quadratic equations. Students are exposed to the use of a graphing calculator to solve algebra problems. In addition, "Real World Connection" and "Geometry Infusion" problems are integrated throughout the course to help students apply their knowledge of algebra to real life situations and across curricula.

Algebra I Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

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Algebra II

This course begins with a study of the fundamentals of linear equalities and inequalities and continues with the study of functions, including piecewise, absolute value, and radical functions. A strong emphasis is placed on quadratic functions, including fitting a curve to data. An emphasis on matrices to solve systems of equations, systems of equations used with linear programming problems, and complex numbers are addressed as solutions to quadratic equations. The course continues the treatment of algebraic concepts through the study of rational functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, sequences and series, conic sections, and data analysis. Variations of all types are studied within the context of rational functions; exponential growth and decay are part of the exponential function unit; and using a calculator for curve fitting is part of the data analysis unit. Emphasis is placed on the mechanics of algebra with real-life applications. A transformational approach to graphing all functions and relations is used with families of related graphs. Function notation and a function approach are used throughout. Graphing calculators are an integral part of this course.

Algebra II Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

Geometry images


This Geometry course further develops students’ ability to think clearly, logically, critically and creatively within mathematical and non-mathematical situations. Students will acquire an understanding of the logical structure of Geometry through definitions, postulates, theorems and deductive/inductive reasoning skills. Students will apply geometric concepts through measurement activities and projects.

Geometry Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

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