Course NameGrade LevelCreditsTotal Minutes
of Instruction
Environmental Science9, 10, 11, 125.03600
Biology9, 10, 11, 125.03600
Chemistry9, 10, 11, 125.03600
Physics9, 10, 11, 125.03600
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Environmental Science

Environmental Science reinforces the basic principles of Ecology, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in the analysis of and response to global environmental problems. The course familiarizes the student with the role science plays in daily life and explores the effect of human activities on health and the environment. Students will investigate the need for food, energy, and water, as they examine the environmental impact in the acquisition of these necessities. The students will also investigate how natural limits conspire to limit both human population growth and the quality of human life.

Environmental Science Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

Biology images


Lab Science. Biology is the study of all living things. Students will study the relationship of structure and function in living organisms, the diversity of life among plants and animals, the genetic continuity of life through successive generations and the interaction of living things with their environment.

Biology Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

Chemistry images


A hypothetical space trip by young explorers to colonize a new "livable" planet provides the vehicle for teaching the content of chemistry though challenging and imaginative units centered on typical life-essential scenarios in this course. Students solve problems dealing with food, transportation, energy, atmosphere, and shelter and clothing. They gain information about matter, the structure of atoms and molecules, elements and compounds, the periodic table, chemical reactions, and the behavior of gases. They learn how to balance equations, calculate empirical and molecular formulas, and determine molar mass. The course also introduces colligative properties, kinetics and equilibrium, acids and bases, oxidation and reduction formulas, and organic chemistry.

Chemistry Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

Physics images


This course will teach students the fundamental concepts which dictate the goings-on of the physical world. Students will be able to relate these concepts to the very real world around them, through the concepts accompanying the amorphous fields of mechanics and electromagnetism, from kinematics and Newton's laws to Coulomb's Law and Maxwell's equations.

Physics Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

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