Social Studies

Course NameGrade LevelCreditsTotal Minutes
of Instruction
US History I9, 10, 11, 125.03600
US History II9, 10, 11, 125.03600
World Civilization9, 10, 11, 125.03600
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US HIstory I

Students follow events and trends in the history of the United States from the arrival of the indigenous peoples through the end of the Civil War. American history is presented from multiple perspectives as recorded by various groups. Students read and hear the words of Native Americans, Europeans, Euro-Americans, Africans, African Americans, Mexicans, and Mexican Americans as they describe events and conditions that reshaped life in the Western Hemisphere.

US History I Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

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US History II

In this course, students learn about American History from the Civil War's end through the 1970s. The course is divided into four historical eras, and each era is divided into five different types of history: political history, popular history, the multicultural peoples' history, military history, and economic history. The course's structure allows students to learn about history from a variety of different viewpoints.

US History II Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

World Civilization images

World Civilization

In this course, students will explore the many aspects of the various world civilizations, from the earliest civilizations that originated before 2300 B.C. through the 1990s. A broad range of cultural elements, including art, architecture, religion, education, family life, and roles of women in each civilization are addressed. Additionally, at various points in the course, "Highlights in History" pages showcase events or achievements from certain civilizations.

World Civilization Course Costs

Accelerated: $500.00 Credit Recovery: $300.00

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