Student Agreement

The HCST-NJeSchool program offers students an opportunity to participate in online learning. This program provides students with the opportunity to take accredited online courses to enrich their program of study, to help recoup lost credit, or to provide them with an anytime-anywhere learning option that suits their unique academic or scheduling needs.

Online courses may not be ideally suited for every student's learning style. The online learning process is normally accelerated and requires a strong commitment on the student's part. Because online learning represents a nontraditional learning experience there are certain expectations for students enrolling in these courses. A successful online student should possess the following qualities: motivation, self-discipline, strong reading and writing skills, and basic computer knowledge.

As a student registered in an HCST online course I am aware that all policies and standards established by my school apply to online courses. In addition I am expected to comply with the following standards:

  1. The use of the Internet will be appropriate as outlined in the course materials and the Hudson County Schools of Technology Internet Appropriate Use policy. Inappropriate use of the Internet will not be tolerated and may result in the loss of student rights to participate in the course.
  2. Appropriate language and message content is expected at all times (teachers have access to and may retrieve and print student work, comments and messages at anytime).
  3. Students are expected to adhere to the following procedures:
    • Students will communicate with the online instructor on a regular basis.
    • Students will keep up with assignments and work on course content in a timely manner.
    • Students must use course materials in an authorized and appropriate manner.
    • Students will be expected to follow other rules specified by the online instructor and/or their school.
    • Students who fail to comply with the above conditions are subject to appropriate disciplinary actions including direct and documented warnings, removal from courses, and additional actions as deemed necessary by the teacher, contact person and program coordinator.

Contact Information

Vincent Tripodi
Online Education Coordinator
Phone: +1.201.662.6570