HCST Staff & CDC:

02/18/21- Inclement Weather - VIRTUAL REPORTING - Please read the memo here.

HCST Students:

Due to the winter storm, HCST schools will report for a regular virtual learning day 1:30pm (HS) and 1:50pm (MS) on Thursday, February 18, 2021.

Students must submit the daily attendance form online and attend their virtual classes. Online afternoon activities and meetings are suspended.


High Tech Film Students’ Moment in the Spotlight at Ridgewood Guild Int’l Film Festival

(Secaucus, NJ––February 1, 2021) Former HTHS film major Noelle White (‘20) and current film student Samiksha Thakur (‘22) were invited to discuss their work as auteurs with Jame Suozzo for the upcoming Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival, announced Dr. Joseph Giammarella, Principal of High Tech High School. Coordinated by HTHS instructor Gregg Ascolese, the interview...

Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 Features a County Prep Culinary Alumnus

The County Prep Culinary Arts program (Class of 2013) has produced many a success story. Recently, alumnus Eliott Sanchez was featured on the TV program Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey. Season 19 in Las Vegas is currently airing and episode 1 is available on YouTube. Chef Kevin Collins said, “The Culinary Arts students are all...

Gratitude for HCST Staff Members Trending at County Prep

We always hear the phrase “Thank a Teacher,” but have we ever heard “Thank a Non-Instructional School Staff Member?” Shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday break, English Instructor Mrs. Padilla asked her students the following question for journal writing: Aside from teachers, what staff member(s) are you grateful for? Explain with details. The variety of departments...

County Prep Theatre Arts Seniors Selected as Finalists in Virtual Governor’s Awards

County Prep Theatre Arts has competed this year in the Virtual Governor’s Awards Competition for Theatre, and four of our students have been selected as finalists: Seniors Ivellisses Segovia and Kayla Velazquez for contrasting monologues and Seniors Arbaz Khan and Alyssa Anglade for Improvisational Pairs. The winners will be announced during a very special Awards...

Fashion Design Students Create Holiday Tree Dresses

County Prep students in Mrs. Patten's Fashion Design class recently completed a project with the holidays as their inspiration. After writing research papers and presenting slide shows during class, the students transferred the elements and principles of design into festive holiday tree dresses. Using mainly holiday decorations and unconventional materials, they constructed garments on professional...



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