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Author: Career Academy Editor Created: 8/25/2011 RssIcon
Career Academy news articles
By Kiran Aziz on 3/22/2012
On Wednesday March 21st, Career Academy’s Performing Arts program and the Dance Club presented a Student Talent Show; a short collection of songs, instrumental music and dances.  Some of the highlights of the show were Angel Hernandez performing two contemporary pieces on the piano, the Dance Club's All Girls Salsa number and a Lyrical Contemporary dance number.
By Kiran Aziz on 3/16/2012
The students in the Graphic Arts Vocation and the Arts for Stars club attended a motivating, artistic and educational field experience in the heart of Chelsea - a thriving art community located in Manhattan.
By Kiran Aziz on 1/31/2012
This year the students in Ms. Watkins Medical Technology classes were given the opportunity to take CPR classes and get their certifications.  The classes were offered by our district at the Jersey City center and taught by certified EMT instructors.
By Kiran Aziz on 12/23/2011

Each December, the Veterans Administration Medical Center in East Orange receives numerous holiday donations to benefit the nearly two hundred veterans residing at the hospital.

By Kiran Aziz on 12/23/2011
holiday driveCareer Academy conducted a successful donation drive in November and December to benefit The Hoboken Shelter. Students and staff collected toiletries, socks, clothing and other goods to help fill the shelter’s needs for these supplies.
By Kiran Aziz on 12/23/2011
showcaseOn Wednesday December 21st, 2011 the Performing Arts and the Dance Club students directed by Ms. Shields with the assistance of Davonte Hall, put together a holiday show entitled "Dedication".
By Kiran Aziz on 12/16/2011
everestOn Friday November 18th, 2011 the students in the Medical Technology class at Career Academy visited Everest Institute in South Plainfield, NJ.  The staff welcomed the students and their instructor, Ms. Beverly Watkins, with enthusiasm and explained about the different medical programs the school offered. 
By Kiran Aziz on 11/18/2011
The Faculty and staff of Career Academy High School would like to thank everyone who made our open house and fundraising activities a success.  As always the instructors looked forward to meeting the guardians of their students to share the achievements in their classes.
By Kiran Aziz on 11/5/2011
On September 30 and November 4, 2011 Career Academy students volunteered at The Hoboken Shelter. This marks the fourth consecutive year that students from the district have lent a helping hand to those in need.
By Kiran Aziz on 11/2/2011

Career Academy acknowledged school violence week with a culmination of activities including the presentation of student artwork, PowerPoint presentations, spoken words, performing arts, web design projects, a play performed by the cosmetology students and a very infromative presentation by Ms. Adler.