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NOTICE: To all Employees – ADP Portal


You can now view your payroll statements, personal data and dependent information online.

Recently we moved to a new web-based Payroll/Personnel system. One of the self-service features allows employees to view their pay statements online, W-2 information and personal/employment data. In order to set up a login account, you will need to go to https://portal.adp.com and follow the instructions for first time users. Please contact Human Resources to obtain the self service registration code. You will be asked to enter this code upon registration (Please type it in-do not copy and paste). Follow the instructions to enter your information and establish a password.


The first and last name must be identical to what is in payroll. (No nicknames). 

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Direct Deposit

For those of you currently enrolled in Direct Deposit, I have now turned on the optional feature to “GO PAPERLESS” in the ADP Portal. When you log in and view your payroll statements, select this option to stop receiving your payroll statement. Follow the instructions; accept the terms and enter the code provided on the screen. It may take a few payrolls before the statements stop being issued.
Thank you for helping us to GO GREEN.


Do not select paperless until your direct deposit goes into effect