Lead Abatement Worker Training Course

Lead Abatement Training

Course Description: Students learn about the various abatement strategies such as removal, encapsulation, and enclosure. The hands-on and lectures will cover procedures pertaining to containment and decontamination systems, waste disposal, clean up strategies, and clearance protocols. Students will be given an examination at the end of the course. Course Topics Include: Worker Protection and Safety, History of Lead Exposure, Health Effects of Lead Poisoning, Federal and State Regulations and Guidelines, Lead Paint Abatement Methods, Dust Abatement Methods.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will become a certified Lead Abatement Worker

Tuition Fee: $650.00
4- Day Course (full days)
4 -Saturday Sessions 9AM - 5PM
Location: 525 Montgomery St JC, NJ
Start Date - TBA (Cohort of 10 required)