The Out-of-School Youth TASC Preparation Program has been developed with the cooperation of the Hudson County One Stop and the Hudson County TASC Testing Center located at Hudson County Schools of Technology. The program is specifically designed to motivate and teach students who have traditionally not done well in classroom settings. The program is created by developing individualized learning plans for each student which will take into account the difficulties a high school dropout faces to develop an innovative educational experience, which makes everyone successful. The program utilizes various methods of instruction for the five subject areas of the TASC exam.

The Hudson County Career Development Center will certify all candidates who meet the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) requirements. Students will be placed in the TASC preparation program after completing a TABE assessment test.

Upon completing and passing the TASC exam, students will be counseled by a career counselor from the Hudson County Career Development Center. HCST has job developers to assist students with paid internships.